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My name is Randy Lofthouse.  I am a professional installer of ceramic, porcelain, glass and natural stone tile.  I specialize in residential remodeling, new construction of custom showers, tub surrounds, and kitchen backsplashes.  With a simple project review, I am able to improve a wide variety of homes, regardless of property value.

The majority of my projects involve remodeling an existing space.  This involves an acquired set of skills and experience.  Important details must be observed including;  reserving noisy demolition for agreeable hours, protection of existing surfaces and furniture (I’ll often tent the work area to contain any dust).  Careful consideration for children and pets is always a priority.  I maintain a clean and organized jobsite.  I prefer to work directly with property owners who are paying for my service.  It is my pleasure to demonstrate sample materials in your home, review procedures of renovation or addition, and prepare a detailed quote.  I offer comprehensive solutions.

I will not subcontract your business.  I am sometimes utilized as a subcontractor on behalf of trusted General Contractors, Designers and Builders.

TRUTH:  Success begins with clear communication, thoughtful planning, and substrate preparation.  With the rise in popularity of tile and stone, and shortage of skilled installers, project failures are commonplace.  Some will utilize inexperienced labor at near minimum wage, with added pressure to speed through projects foolishly.  What type of work might you expect from this scenario? When in doubt, ask questions!  Again, success begins with clear communication, thoughtful planning, and substrate preparation.  If the prep work is gnarly, do not expect much better in terms of finished product.  Cease work immediately! Can you tolerate imperfections, set in stone?  I have witnessed enough as an EXPERIENCED tile setter, often called to ‘repair’ situations.  This ultimately requires a complete demolition of existing work, as the damage is more than cosmetic.  YES it is frustrating!  A leaking shower can potentially cause several thousands of dollars in damage.  There are very good reasons one installer might charge more than his/her competition, some reasons include better quality materials and guaranteed construction methods.

Consider longevity.  Tile and Stone installations should remain durable and aesthetically pleasing for many years.  I proudly recommend particular building substrates, specify the correct type of setting materials and stain resistant grouts.  I use 100% silicone caulk in wet areas.  As a member of the National Tile Contractors Association, I am committed to building within TCNA guidelines (Tile Council of North America).


Whether you’ve already selected tile, or you’re just beginning to shop, I am ready to assist in all aspects. Familiar with local tile and stone showrooms, I have the qualifications and experience to help you understand the better decision.  I agree that your residential remodeling project should be enjoyable.  Let’s build confidently, with the correct materials and expertise.  When collecting quotes for a remodel, compare materials and contractor qualifications.  Requesting a verbal “ballpark estimate” is fine.  Be sure and ask which installation systems are going to be used, and what type of manufacturer warranty you will receive (if any).  For example, Lofthouse Tile builds in accordance with Schluter Systems of North America, offering a 10 Year Systems Warranty.  I attend each workshop the company offers, and maintain working relationships with my product reps and distributors. Additionally, I photo document each installation and carry commercial liability.  Proud to offer Service after the Sale. Routine maintenance and general cleaning.

“MY name and word are YOUR Guarantee” – Randy J. Lofthouse Jr.

Originally from Northeast Texas, I began my career, working with natural stone and mosaics.  I decided to relocate to Indiana in Winter of 2009.  I am enjoying Bloomington and surrounding areas.  I value family, health, the arts, building community and small farming.  I am earning a living doing things that I truly enjoy.  You are welcome to contact me with your tile and stone inquiries.


-Randy Lofthouse



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